Looking for a better coffee experience? Here’s 5 reasons to make the switch to Emme Mac Black

Looking for a better coffee experience? Here’s 5 reasons to make the switch to Emme Mac Black

Finding a good coffee to brew at home (or work) isn’t an easy task. Whether you use beans, grounds or capsules, your coffee experience is dependent on a range of factors that all need to align perfectly – from flavour and aroma to ethical bean production and your experience as a customer.

In this post, we show you our approach to supplying delicious, ethically sourced coffee and why people who are searching for a better coffee are making the switch to Emme Mac Black.

1. Delicious coffee available in the format you want

Whether you brew with beans, grounds or capsules, our premium coffee is available to suit your coffee making style and taste. 

Always delivering an exceptional flavour, our beans and grounds are available in three different flavour profiles – Billy-Bob, Bob-Bob and Misty-Mac – each of which offer a distinctly delicious coffee experience. While our home compostable capsules are available in our best-selling coffee, Billy-Bob.

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2. Feel good knowing your coffee is ethically and sustainably produced

We are committed to supporting ethical coffee farming and sustainable processing practices. Sourcing our beans across multiple continents and countries in the equatorial belt, we carefully choose and collaborate with trusted global and local partners to bring you our signature ethical blends. 

Always looking at ways to enhance our sustainability, we’ve recently changed our coffee capsules to be home compostable. Decomposing in just 26 weeks, they’re easy for you and great for the environment!

Explore our home compostable Billy-Bob capsules


3. A distinct flavour you only get from slow-roasted, Italian-style beans

Passionate about Melbourne’s iconic coffee culture, our beans are slow-roasted Italian-style by a local family who have been roasting beans for over 50 years.  

Packaged to ensure optimum freshness, from the moment you open your coffee you are treated to a delicious aroma, which intensifies beautifully as you brew. 

Then taking your first sip is an experience in itself. A moment to slow down and savour the velvety rich, well balanced flavour – the perfect start to your day or afternoon pick-me-up.

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4. We’re a community-focused small family business 

While our coffee is crafted with care in Melbourne, our business is based on a beautiful farm in the country. We love living in a close-knit community and supporting local businesses wherever we can. 

For us, community provides a sense of connection, positive support and shared experience – all the things we love and why we are dedicated to building long term relationships with both our suppliers and customers. 

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5. Customer experience is everything 

We are all about crafting the perfect coffee experience. This relates to not only to delivering an exceptional coffee, but also ensuring you enjoy the best customer experience.

Always here to help, we love getting your feedback, answering your questions and ensuring your coffee is delivered on time and tastes amazing.

But rather than telling you about our service, let us show you what our customers are saying:

“On top of the great coffee , the team at Emme Black Mac follow up to see that your purchase meets your expectations , so the choice is an easy one . Well done Bec and Angus to this fine coffee!!” Robert

“Great correspondence and super quick delivery (thank you).” Monique

“The team were also very responsive and helpful with my questions and deserve wider acclaim.” Rob

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Ready to make the change and enjoy a better coffee experience?

If your coffee at home isn’t quite hitting the spot, we’d love you to try Emme Mac Black. More than just another coffee business, we go above and beyond to ensure your entire coffee experience is exceptional.

New to our brand? Why not try a Taster Kit (featuring Bob-Bob, Billy-Bob and Misty Mac in beans or ground) or a Billy-Bob Capsule Kit (of 20). It’s the perfect introduction to our delicious coffee.

And if you have any questions at all, we’d love to help. Simply send your enquiry to hello@emmemacblack.com.au and we’ll be in touch right away.

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