Which coffee is the best for you? Explore the Emme Mac Black range

Which coffee is the best for you in the Emme Mac Black range

Making the switch to a new coffee is a big thing! Maybe you want to try something new, are looking for variety or you’re simply not happy with your current coffee provider. So, how do you know which coffee is the best for you?

Understandably, there’s an element of perceived risk when you change to a new coffee. How do you know if you’ll enjoy the flavour? Will the strength be right? What will the texture be like?

This is where the importance of getting to know your coffee brand kicks in. There are a range of factors impacting each coffee profile – and the better informed you are, the more likely you’ll find a coffee that you absolutely love.

To help you gain a full understanding of each of our coffee profiles here at Emme Mac Black, let’s do a deep-dive into our beans. We’re talking origin, flavour, aroma and texture. And we’re looking at the ethical and responsible coffee growing practices that we are fully committed to.


The source of our premium coffee

Our beans are Italian-style slow-roasted in Melbourne by a family who have been roasting coffee for over 50 years. Going to great lengths to source the finest beans from around the globe, their meticulous selection process means they only choose optimal climates along the equatorial coffee belt.

Because the quality of your coffee is largely dependent on where and how it’s grown, our roasters consider a range of factors such as altitude, temperature, rainfall and sunlight when sourcing beans. They’re also dedicated to ensuring it is grown ethically and sustainably.

Now, let’s take a look at each Emme Mac Black flavour profile, to see which coffee is the best for you!


Explore Billy-Bob with us

Suitable for espresso, stove-top, French-press and capsule machines

Meet our best-seller, Billy-Bob. A slow-medium dark roast, it’s available as beans or ground coffee, and now  also as a home compostable capsule.

A full-bodied brew, Billy-Bob balances distinct chocolate and tobacco flavours with delicate notes of grain. With a medium acidity, it has a silky, rich and subtle smoky aroma, is creamy in texture and lingers beautifully on your taste buds.

Made from a smooth blend of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta, our organic Billy-Bob beans are sourced from ethical growers across India, Brazil, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“My new go-to coffee beans. Recommended to try these by a friend...really love the depth of flavour...I'm finally getting cafe quality at home.” Wayne

Learn more about Billy-Bob.


Discover our delicious Bob-Bob

Suitable for espresso, stove-top and French-press

Our Bob-Bob ethical blend is a slow-medium dark roast that is smooth, rich and the perfect coffee to wake up to. 

From the moment you begin your brew, the luxurious aroma of Bob-Bob slowly envelops you. Harmonising notes of orange citrus with decadent chocolate, Bob-Bob is low in acidity and delivers a rich, deep flavour, alongside a smooth velvet consistency.

Made from a delicate blend of 95% Arabica and 5% Robusta, our Bob-Bob beans are sourced from responsible growers across Brazil, Peru, Ethiopia, Colombia and India.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Best coffee! Just slightly addicted to this fabulous coffee!! We use the Bob-Bob beans. They are smooth, easy to drink and a great flavour. Easy to purchase, service is always excellent and the packaging and back story are all on point. Love, love this coffee, can’t drink anything else!” Lisa

Learn more about Bob-Bob.


Let’s delve into Misty Mac

Suitable for espresso, stove-top and French-press

Your passport to flavour, Misty Mac is an organic, fairtrade single origin coffee. A slow-medium dark roast, it awakens each of your senses with its boldness and authenticity.

From its irresistible aroma to your first sip, Misty Mac sets off a symphony of rich chocolate and raisin flavours. With a bright citrus well-balanced acidity, this smooth-medium body coffee is the boutique single origin you don’t have to go out for.

Our Misty Mac Arabica bean is 100% certified organic Fairtrade. Sourced from Peru, it’s grown using traditional farming methods. Cultivated in a rich soil that allows the coffee to flourish, the cool evenings allow the coffee cherries to mature slowly.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Another amazingly delicious slow medium dark roast blend from the Emme Mac Black range. This is the perfect wake me up coffee with an amazing aroma. You can really taste the smooth, creamy, delicious, rich chocolate and raisin flavours.” Aylin

Learn more about Misty Mac.


So, which Emme Mac Black coffee is the best for you?

Whether you’re looking for a rich, deep flavour, velvety smooth consistency or a lingering delicious after-taste, Emme Mac Black has a coffee that you’ll love.

To make it even easier, we offer a Taster Kit which features all three of our coffees – Billy-Bob, Bob-Bob and Misty Mac. You get to try each one and then choose your new favourite (or favourites). Perfect!

Or, if you’ve already chosen your preferred coffee from our range, head to our Shop to begin your new coffee journey today.

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